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Accidents Happen. Get Professional Auto Insurance Coverage Near Lubbock, TX

Unfortunately, we cannot predict when accidents are going to happen. If we could, the insurance industry wouldn’t even exist, to begin with. But what we can do is get ready for when an accident happens, and it will happen sooner or later. Lucky for you, here at Michael Yost Insurance Agency, we provide fully customized auto insurance policies for our customers near Lubbock, TX.

We Offer Different Types of Insurance Coverages You’ll Want to Consider

Here at Michael Yost Insurance Agency, we aim to be your only point of contact for all of your auto insurance needs. To achieve this, we offer a wide range of auto insurance coverage plans. Each plan adapts differently to your needs, and you should consider them all.

These types of auto insurance coverages include:

  • Personal liability coverage: This is a mandatory coverage in the state of Texas. Its covers ​​bodily injury and property damage liability.
  • Personal injury protection: if you’re suffering from an injury from a car accident, you can get coverage for medical bills, loss of income, or other losses related to the accident. This is an entirely optional coverage in the State of Texas.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Get coverage for damages from theft, fire, vandalism, and more after a deductible has been applied.
  • Medical payments coverage: With this coverage, you will get help covering medical payments associated with an accident. This may even cover surgeries, hospital visits, and more.
  • Collision coverage: Don’t face the charges of repairs alone if you get involved in an accident with an object or another vehicle.

Speak Directly With An Auto Insurance Expert

If you want to get your auto insurance policies directly from a professional insurance agent near Lubbock, TX, you’ve come to the right place! Reach us at (806) 630-4225 to speak with a professional today. Make sure to ask about our occupational discounts!

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