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Health Insurance

Find the Right Health Insurance Policy in Lubbock, TX

We know it is not within your plans to get hurt or fall ill. Unfortunately, these circumstances can arise at any time, causing you to spend the savings you’ve accumulated over time. The financial strain can prevent you from achieving your goals, like offering quality education to your children or buying your dream home. At Michael Yost Insurance Agency, we strive to find the health insurance policy that allows you to live without worries and fits your needs and budget. Work with our agents in Lubbock, TX today. 

We Are a Committed Health Insurance Company

The cost of medical treatments is continuously rising, and the risk of getting sick has never been higher. Rest easy knowing that you’ll get the right treatment if something happens to you without affecting your finances. 


At Michael Yost Insurance Agency, we offer the following:


  • Kemper Insurance 
  • Health Insurance Marketplace
  • Medicare Health Insurance

Get the Ideal Medical Insurance

Buying health insurance is one of the smartest and safest decisions you can make. Prevent diseases from draining your savings and guarantee that you’ll get the right treatment. We offer a variety of options that adapt to your needs and budget. Our agents in Lubbock, TX, know that this process can be intimidating since there is a lot of information to process. Fortunately, we work patiently to answer your questions and help you understand the benefits of each. Request more information today and ask about our special discounts.

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  • Amazing service, got insured for a life policy from a great rate

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